[erlang-questions] How to configure otp for a debug build (with otp_build)?

Gustav Simonsson gustav.simonsson@REDACTED
Fri Sep 9 10:47:00 CEST 2011

There is a line with "CFLAGS=" in the xcomp file where you can add flags to gcc,
such as debug options found in


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Ämne: [erlang-questions] How to configure otp for a debug build (with	otp_build)?

Trying to get to the bottom of a segmentation fault on my cross
compiled version of R14B03 on an AVR32 (this is running a
reltool/rebar generated "node"):

beam[1440]: segfault at 36842a0e pc 2b7cc05e sp 7ff27668 ecr 24

I had no luck with a core file (even with +d) and I also tried adding
+v, but I get the message:

warning: -v (only in debug compiled code)

I need to rebuild in debug mode, but I couldn't immediately find any
documentation on using otp_build to produce a debug build.

Since this is cross compiled, I'm using otp_build with the xcomp
configuration file erl-xcomp-avr32-atmel-linux-gnu.conf.

Could someone give me a pointer on how to configure a cross compiled
erlang for a debug build?

Many thanks.
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