[erlang-questions] erlang smp on aix

caox caox@REDACTED
Thu Sep 1 12:01:48 CEST 2011


	we have a application used to run on centos but now we want to migrate it to AIX. During the test on Aix, we found the cpu scaling of the system is quite disappointing. With 8 cores and erlang smp auto, there were very high system cpu consumption and lots of thread_wait_lock call in the truss(strace) log, which would not appear on centos under the same test scenario. And the sys call will disappear if we turn smp off.
	 So we guess there is something wrong with smp on Aix, perhaps caused by the schedulers switching. But we don't know where the thread_wait_call is from and what it is for. 
	By the way, it is quite strange that the smp description of erl shell would be smp32:8 with smp auto on the 8 cores aix.
	Is there any hint to fix the problem? Appreciate your help.
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