[erlang-questions] cookbook entry #1 - unicode/UTF-8 strings

Ryan Bigg radarlistener@REDACTED
Sun Oct 30 23:22:08 CET 2011

Hi there, 

I'm probably Doing It Wrong when it comes to messaging on these forums, given that I've just created a new email and manually set the subject to be with a "Re:" prefix. I hadn't signed up before the original email was sent. But here goes.

I heard there would be some interest in getting a book review system that is much like http://book.realworldhaskell.org/read/.

I am the author of Rails 3 in Action and to facilitate the exact system you're talking about, I built one myself for my book called Twist after being unable to find anything else out there for free.

I wrote the book in Docbook which I then committed to a GitHub repository which then sent a push request off to Twist. Twist would then download the changed files and update the chapters as relevant, processing it into HTML which would then be stored in a MongoDB database. 

A person can view a chapter, jump between sections (if they feel like it) and, most importantly, leave notes on individual elements within a chapter, just like in the Haskell book. To be perfectly honest, I was inspired by (read: stole the idea from) the Haskell guys on how to make a great book review tool.

Although I've not done a large amount of Erlang, I still have plenty of experience in writing a book and I can advise on what's involved in that process. If you're interested in discussing it with me you can contact me at this address (radarlistener@REDACTED).


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