[erlang-questions] Yaws process died when executing read_file

Martin Dimitrov mrtndimitrov@REDACTED
Wed Oct 19 12:46:05 CEST 2011

I do performance testing of our Erlang application with OpenSTA. The
test runs with 300 virtual users. At some point the following errors
start popping up:

Yaws process died: {{badmatch,{error,eacces}},

The call file:read_file(UT#urltype.fullpath) crashes in function
ut_read(UT). I recompiled the module and printed the context. The error
is eacces and UT holds:


The file handler.yaws is the entry point of our app and is called on
every request. When I run the test with 100 or less virtual users I
don't see these errors. So how can it be "Missing permission for reading
the file, or for searching one of the parent directories" as the error
is described in the file:read_file documentation?

Thanks in advance.


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