[erlang-questions] right tool for the job?

Andy Kriger andy.kriger@REDACTED
Wed Oct 12 15:40:53 CEST 2011

(I originally posted this to the Tsung mailing list but received no
response so I'm broadening my request there to see if anyone with
Tsung or Common Test experience might have an opinion on the matter)

I have a complex JMeter script that reads in a CSV where each row
defines parameters to a test that makes an HTTP request as well as the
expectations on the response. The JMeter script has logic to perform
the correct assertions based on the incoming parameters. In short, it
is not so much a load test as a way of doing many many permutations of
HTTP requests (though as a side-effect it does put load on the server
because there are so many permutations being run).
I'm curious if Tsung allows for this kind of reading in data sets and
performing logic based on the data to execute assertions or if it is
intended for load testing only.  Can you extend Tsung with custom
Erlang to accomplish more than just load testing?
One reason I'm looking at Tsung is that, being Erlang, it offers the
benefits of built-in lightweight procs and easy distributed testing.
The JMeter test does not run as quickly as I'd like so I'm hoping
Erlang can help out there. Would Erlang Common Test be a better
approach in this case? Is inets sufficient for spawning the requests
and handling the responses or is there a better HTTP client that I
should be using?

thank youandy kriger

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