[erlang-questions] non-erlang SNMP Agents

Daniel Widgren daniel.widgren@REDACTED
Wed Oct 12 13:19:13 CEST 2011


I have some questions.

I have a system where a non-erlang system sends snmp traps depending
on what is going on.

I have tried to set up a snmp manager on another computer to listen to
these traps. When I do so I get:

=INFO REPORT==== 12-Oct-2011::10:15:36 ===
SNMPM default user callback received handle_agent:

So SNMPM uses handle_agent instead of handle_trap and is wondering
why? Is it because I use snmp_default_user?

If so, how should I configure a user to listen to a non-erlang snmp
system. Do I need a agent and is that agent the snmp system sending

Is it possible to listen to all traps that comes from a IP without specify port?


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