[erlang-questions] problems getting bigwig deps

Paul Oliver puzza007@REDACTED
Tue Nov 1 10:12:17 CET 2011

On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 2:08 AM, Loïc Hoguin <essen@REDACTED> wrote:
> On 11/01/2011 02:56 AM, Wes James wrote:
>> I was trying to get bigwig going from the spawnfest, but I get an
>> error on one server:
>> ./rebar get-deps
>> ==> bigwig (get-deps)
>> Pulling cowboy from {git,"https://github.com/smarkets/cowboy.git","master"}
>> Cloning into cowboy...
>> Pulling jsx from {git,"https://github.com/spawnfest/jsx.git","beamspirit"}
>> Cloning into jsx...
>> ==> cowboy (get-deps)
>> Pulling quoted from {git,"git://git.corp.smarkets.com/quoted.erl.git",
>>                          {tag,"1.0.3"}}
>> fatal: Unable to look up git.corp.smarkets.com (port 9418) (nodename
>> nor servname provided, or not known)
>> Cloning into quoted...
>> ERROR: git clone -n git://git.corp.smarkets.com/quoted.erl.git quoted
>> failed with error: 128
>> is there a another place to get quoted.erl.git or the deps for cowboy?
>> Ok - I see the rebar config in cowboy.  Is it ok to update with the
>> stuff at github?  There is a github for quoted, but not for proper.
>> Ok, again, quoted.erl from github worked. But is that a special proper
>> that is needed?
>> Well, I found a version of proper on github too and git cloned that so
>> I'll see what happens.
> AFAIK they simply forked to make sure the project worked for the judges.
> So there shouldn't be any special modifications to cowboy, quoted or
> proper. Proper is only used for tests anyway so it's no big deal to not
> have it.
> Quoted is required but you found the link. Should work!
> Would be nice to have Bigwig maintained but I guess they don't have much
> free time to do it.

The Smarkets version of cowboy has been updated since spawnfest (looks
like some internal repo references have crept in), so a little bit of
work will be required to switch over to the official extend one.


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