[erlang-questions] what does l/1 really do?

Håkan Mattsson hm@REDACTED
Fri Jul 29 17:36:25 CEST 2011



On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Daniel Dormont
<dan@REDACTED> wrote:
> While reading through some old discussion here or on TrapExit when I was
> first trying to understand hot code loading, I ran across the shell command
> l/1. Since then I've used it to good effect in patching a live system
> (Ejabberd, specifically) with new or upgraded modules. But I'd like to
> understand a little better what it's doing behind the scenes. I didn't see
> any mention of it in the manual, and it's a little hard to Google for single
> letters :), so I thought I'd ask here.

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