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vincent dephily vincent.dephily@REDACTED
Sat Jul 16 14:39:08 CEST 2011

2011/7/16, vincent dephily <vincent.dephily@REDACTED>:
> But I think that kind of solution is a missed opportunity for
> /usr/bin/erl anyway : we've got an amazing "-remsh" feature (which, if
> I understand correctly, is implemented partially at the VM level ?),
> but it is hampered by the impossibility of feeding code into it. I
> *can* get things done with rpc (plus eval if necessary), but that's
> much more complicated than it should be.

Replying to myself after an eureka moment : /usr/bin/erl_call is what
I was after. Dunno why I had forgotten about it. There used to be a
showstopper bug with hostnames, but I believe that's fixed. Here's an
easy way to run complex code in a remote node:

echo "$YOURCODEHERE" | erl_call -name $REMOTENODE -e

Vincent de Phily

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