[erlang-questions] Erlang web servers challenge

greim greim@REDACTED
Tue Jul 12 13:24:55 CEST 2011


i don't like to defend the students here in generally, but specially for 
the students, who are not studiing Computer Science, but for exampel 
mechanical or electrical engineering the nowadays hype languages like 
C++ or Java are much to complicated.

Unfortunately most of the code of the (mostly embedded) world, is 
produced by such guys (like me ;-) )

I have attended a small conference with Niklaus Wirth some weeks ago in 
Zürich (videos at: http://www.multimedia.ethz.ch/conferences/2011/oberon 
) .

Benath some things about Pascal and Oberon the essential resume of the 
congress was indeed that the hurdle you have to take for these modern ( 
?) languages is much to high, and all this not really needed complexity 
make software unstable.

Actual options:
1: lets do everything in Javascript
2: only a small group, very high educated and payed(?) group will write 
programs in the future

Options for a maybe better future:
3: separating the user interface from the core task of your program, but 
i have seen no really working system doing this. In our company we are 
making web interfaces, but CGI and HTML is not very smooth and with Ajax 
we are back to the most complicated solution for doing simple things. 
90% of the complexity needed to handle the (graphical) user interfaces.

I personally see (core) Erlang more on the Pascal side, but if you ever 
learned a procedural language, changing to the functional ideas is quite 

just my five cents


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