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On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 7:20 PM, Jesse Gumm <sigmastar@REDACTED> wrote:

> For the free approach check out www.learnyousomeerlang.com
> I learned from Joe Armstrong's book Programming Erlang (Pragmatic
> Bookshelf)
> There's also Erlang Programming by Francesco Cesarini (O'Reilly).
> Most recently is Erlang and OTP in Action, by Martin Logan (Manning). This
> one puts special emphasis on using the OTP framework.  I haven't read this
> one yet, but I've been to one of the ErlangCamps (which I gather follow a
> similar curriculum as the book) run by Martin, and can only imagine it's a
> great book.
Apart from that excellent suggestion, I'd like to add few more and suggested
order (what worked for me):
1. First read (gives you a sense of early achievement and keeps you
motivated, since you make progress quite fast) -- 'Thinking in Erlang'.
2. A kind of style guide http://www.erlang.se/doc/programming_rules.shtml
3. Joe's book (by this time, I could make progress, much faster)
4. 'Erlang in Practise' video tutorials (paid, but very economical). Much
easier to follow, once you've gone thru step 1/2/3, and you can very quickly
get a feel or real-life application development. While there are books which
do the same, but as they say, a picture (or a video) is worth several
thousand words. Coming from the Ruby (& esply so if RoR) world, you'd spoilt
with choices / availability of ample such videos. While there are quite a
few video tutorials for Erlang, only few are hard-core programming centric,
where they show you creation of something interesting.

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> On Jul 9, 2011 8:19 AM, Isaac Sanders <isaacbfsanders@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hello all! I am a rubyist looking for more information on erlang, and I was
> hoping to find some resources... If you would be so kind as to let me know
> any that have helped you.
> --
> Cheers,
> Isaac
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