[erlang-questions] How to write a generic IRC client the OTP way?

Ale peralta.alejandro@REDACTED
Sun Jul 3 06:02:21 CEST 2011

Hello Mazen,

2011/6/30 Mazen Harake <mazen.harake@REDACTED>:
> Try eirc here: https://github.com/mazenharake/eirc
> Trying to do synchronous IRC is doomed to fail imho. eirc sends a
> message everytime you get an event/response and by keeping your own
> state you put context to these events to know what they mean.

Thanks, I'll be checking it out, sounds very intersting.

> IRC wasn't really made for computer programs but rather for a telnet
> prompt so that is why this protocol is flawed in many ways (but very
> easy).

It's also fun :-)

> eirc is under the 2-clause BSD license so do what ever you want with it.

That's great!

Thanks for your help,

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