[erlang-questions] ODBC param query unicode

Ingela Andin ingela.andin@REDACTED
Wed Feb 23 10:42:58 CET 2011


It says add some unicode support!  (Some is an importante word here).
You have to
handle the encoding yourself but you can insert and extract unicode
data if you know
how your datbase engine handles unicode data.
See the test case unicode in odbc_data_type_SUITE.erl

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP team - Ericsson AB

2011/2/23 Ryan Huffman <ryanhuffman@REDACTED>:
> According to the release notes the 2.10.8 added unicode support, but thus
> far I haven't had any luck getting it to work (
> http://www3.erlang.org/documentation/doc-5.8/lib/odbc-2.10.8/doc/html/notes.html).
>  Can anyone shed some light on what is supported?  I've tried using
> param_query's with sql_wvarchar but without success (using utf8, utf16
> little endian, utf16 big endian, etc...), and selecting rows with utf
> characters returns a ? in place of utf characters (as expected, the rest of
> the characters are still 8 bits wide rather than 16).
> Using 2.10.8 and R14B, connecting to an MSSQL server.
> Thanks,
> Ryan

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