[erlang-questions] How to connect erlang nodes over IPv6 (on Ubuntu 10.04 server installations, Erlang R14B1)?

Boris Mühmer boris.muehmer@REDACTED
Wed Feb 16 00:40:21 CET 2011

I am a little step further:
1) epmd accepts "kill" from (IPv6) localhost.
2) erl doesn't die when started with "erl -name test -setcookie secret"
3) Also "erl" can connect the IPv6 epmd.
4) I could connect two nodes on the same system using net_adm:ping/1
and "[node() | nodes()]." gave the correct result. [Using "erl -name
test1 -setcookie secret" and "erl -name test2 -setcookie secret" in
two shells.]

My current changes are in my github repository at
"https://github.com/bsmr/otp" within the "epmd_ipv6_fix_for_localhost"

This isn't a tested patch... it is just my initial try (aka quick and
dirty hack) to get "epmd" working in my IPv6 environment!

But I also had my 1st surprise: I could connect two nodes without
adding "-proto_dist inet6_tcp" to the erl call!

I didn't test it with nodes on different machines, because of two things:
1) I had some problems with git and github (not enough experience with
both systems).
2) I had a call from my company to solve/help with an email spam
attack on our company's mail server.

Well, back to the topic:
a) Is there a set of tests to do proper (automated) checks if IPv6 is
working correctly?
b) Is there a tool for "C/C++" to check for IPv4 and IPv6 problems
(like "lint for IPv6" ;-)?

Well, I need some sleep...
  - boris

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