[erlang-questions] How to connect erlang nodes over IPv6 (on Ubuntu 10.04 server installations, Erlang R14B1)?

Michael Santos michael.santos@REDACTED
Tue Feb 15 15:05:29 CET 2011

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 07:08:30AM +0100, Boris Mühmer wrote:
> I saw an interesting behaviour of empd, which I didn't come to my
> attention until now:
> 1) I started "empd"in one shell with the "-d" option.
> 2) From another shell I called "empd -names"
> 3) I tried to start "erl -name test1 -setcookie abc123 -proto_dist inet6_tcp"
> 4) I wanted to use "empd -kill"
> 5) I had to use "ctrl-c" to stop "empd"
> Here is the output from the shell with "empd -d" running:

If clients are connected, the "kill" request doesn't actually do anything
anymore (to have the old behaviour use the "-relaxed_command_check"

> After getting home from work, I will add some debugging information to
> "empd" to see why it belives that those calls were "non local"
> addresses...

epmd has a hard coded check for IPv4 localhost in epmd_srv.c:

    s->local_peer =
    ((((unsigned) ntohl(si.sin_addr.s_addr)) & 0xFF000000U) ==
        0x7F000000U); /* Only 127.x.x.x allowed, no false positives */

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