Emacs for Erlang with vi like keybindings and handy short references ?

Icarus Alive icarus.alive@REDACTED
Mon Feb 14 10:55:06 CET 2011


Had posted another question on Stackoverflow, and since I've not got a
answer (or even an attempt at answering) there yet, wondering if I
might have better luck here. The question there: http://bit.ly/emE1W3

Restated here (slightly expanded/clarified):

I have come accross vi-style keybindings for Emacs, but none in the
Erlang contact. My past experience in mixing Lisp based config in
.emacs file for enabling various modes etc., hasn't been very pleasant
so far (thanks to my lack of Lisp knowledge and unfamiliarity with
Emacs). Then again, have read several articles on Emacs + Erlang, but
is there something that might be slightly easier for folks familiar
mostly with vi (and who are unfamiliar with Lisp) ? The entire set of
possibilities (keybindings) is quite overwhelming. Is there a
condensed key-map/shortcuts reference specially relevant for Erlang


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