[erlang-questions] [Erlang] Any suggestion or Reference for Embedded Erlang programming on a mobile-phone like chip

greim greim@REDACTED
Thu Feb 10 15:06:36 CET 2011

Hi Barco,


here you can download a complete bootable image for the beagle board or 
gumstix overo.



I have tested it on gumstix, it works, but is was not able to get the 
network interface running up to now.
So any help is welcome here.

Somebody made a port to Android


Also this

sounds nice, but not tried yet.


Markus Greim

> Could you please give a reference about embedded Erlang development on a
> mobile chip, such as iPhone, or multimedia-processing specific chip, like
> MP3.
> Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Barco


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