Slave node restart not working

Adam Lindberg adam@REDACTED
Fri Feb 4 11:44:13 CET 2011


I'm running a slave node in a project, and sometimes we want to restart 
the slave node. However, it seems that init:restart() shuts down the 
node instead of restarting in.

The documentation for init:restart() says that it restarts the node in 
the current emulator, which makes me wonder why it goes down instead of 
restarts. The node should have everything it needs to restart based on 
the boot flags etc.

(hest@REDACTED)5> slave:start(yama, apa).
(hest@REDACTED)6> nodes().
(hest@REDACTED)7> rpc:call('apa@REDACTED', init, restart, []).
(hest@REDACTED)8> nodes().

There is no crash dump generated as well. Why doesn't the slave node 


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