[erlang-questions] Command-line Debugger?

Joseph Wayne Norton norton@REDACTED
Tue Feb 1 15:39:09 CET 2011

Ahmed -

It may sound like a crazy idea but I'd recommend not using the debugger.

Erlang's trace facilities are really great for troubleshooting code during development and production. 

The redbug tool is any easy way to get started with Erlang's tracer (https://github.com/massemanet/eper).

On 2011/02/01, at 23:28, Ahmed Al-Saadi wrote:

> Sorry if this was double-submitted, but I think that it didn't go to the original group on the first attempt:
> Hello:
> I'm a newcomer to Erlang (from Python). I've had great difficulties in using the wx-based debugger and was wondering if there is a command-line alternative a la python's pdb?!
> It seems that every time I use the default debugger, my Wish app hangs or crashes. Even with the latest release of wxErlang (0.97.1212), I was not even able to set a breakpoint!
> The use of a good debugger to trace program execution is invaluable in learning a new language--a pedagogical role, in addition to its normal troubleshooting role.
> Any ideas of how I can improve the situation of my development environment? Is there another command-line debugger? My platform is MacOS X 10.6.6 with Erlang R14B... and, no, changing platforms is not an option ;)  Also, if I knew how to write a debugger at this point in time, I would try to do so! Some guidance from a veteran could help.

Joseph Wayne Norton

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