[erlang-questions] Erlang program and bash/Munin communication

Matthew Evans mattevans123@REDACTED
Fri Dec 30 20:00:47 CET 2011

You could try erl_call


Or escript called from bash.


erl_call is normally hidden in the Erlang release somewhere, not in the default path.

From: bourinov@REDACTED
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 22:29:14 +0400
To: erlang-questions@REDACTED
Subject: [erlang-questions] Erlang program and bash/Munin communication

Hi Dear Erlangers!
I want to plot some stats from my Erlang program in munin (http://munin-monitoring.org/). For that I have to call it somehow from bash/sh script. Standart munin setup calls the script every 5 minutes.

So, I want to know, what is a best way to establish one way (Erlang -> Bash) communication?
One of approaches could be when Erlang program writes file to somewhere like /var/run/erl-prog and bash script reads it.

Is there are any other simpler options available?
p.s. I know that ejabberd has some interface to bash, but its code too complex to my task.Best regards,


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