[erlang-questions] Webmachine Binary Request Strings

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter@REDACTED
Mon Dec 19 18:40:52 CET 2011

This may be better on a Webmachine questions list. But I thought I'd ask
here first since it may be that someone working on one of the other Erlang
web servers, besides Mochiweb, has worked on moving Webmachine to use that

The reason I say that is, Webmachine currently relies on Mochiweb which
passes lists instead of binary strings for requests. While the req_body of
a request is given as a binary the path_info and query string is dealt with
as lists. While I would think there could be a performance hit due to this
my main reason to ask for alternatives is that dealing with JSON
representations on the backend require converting the lists to binaries for
processing every time.

There has been https://github.com/mochi/mochiweb/pull/38 but its clear at
the end of the discussion its not a change that will be happening to
mochiweb anytime soon.

So is there work on Webmachine backed by Cowboy or another Erlang web

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