[erlang-questions] parsing dates

Dale Harvey dale@REDACTED
Sat Dec 17 00:24:51 CET 2011

Sorry missed this

Yeh I sent a message to Eric to see if those patched to ec_date could go
back upstream for people who arent using the full commons library, if
anyone else wants to do that Ill be happy to merge, I may try if I get some

I just wanted to mention I dont think this belongs in otp, I do however
thing it should be a

$ magic-erlang-package-manager-distributed-with-erlang install dh_date

away though :)


On 16 December 2011 20:18, Jesse Gumm <gumm@REDACTED> wrote:

> Sure you can, the existence of ec_date doesn't negate the existence of
> dh_date.   If you want all the spiffy changes in ec_date without
> pulling all of the ec libraries, you can always do a patch and submit
> a pull request to Dale and see what happens there.
> -Jesse
> > So I can't list it as a rebar dep anymore without pulling down a whole
> > bunch of extraneous code, or maintaining my own fork of dh_date?
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