[erlang-questions] Building small erlang vm suitable for bundle with app.

Gustav Simonsson gustav.simonsson@REDACTED
Tue Dec 13 09:59:34 CET 2011


This is a scrappy half-completed bash script I used to generate
a small Erlang release. It's something I hope can eventually grow
into a more general and stable tool for generating Erlang releases.

It does contain some useful things for reducing the size of an
Erlang release.

Also thanks to Adam Lindberg for helping out with it.


Gustav Simonsson

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I'm quite new to Erlang and this list so I hope I'm posting in the right place?

I would like to use Erlang code (couchdb) in an Mac OS X app I'm
developing and I would like to bundle it with my app. Exactly like the
Mac OS X version of Wings3D is bundling a version of erlang.

I was wondering if someone kind provide me with some ideas of how to
compile a smaller version of the Erlang VM without the developing
tools etc?

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