[erlang-questions] [ANN] Erlang Computer Systems Management CONSole (or ECSMCons)

Wes James comptekki@REDACTED
Fri Dec 9 21:37:07 CET 2011

I would like to announce ECSMCons.  Why was this developed?  I have
used other systems management suites to help manage a student computer
lab, but the experience was very disappointing.

One day I was contemplating the message passing capabilities of Erlang
and thought, what if I had a web interface that talked to an Erlang
back-end via web sockets to send messages to the workstations to do
things.  ECSMCons is a result of this.

The following is from the top of the README at the github.com repo:

Erlang Computer Systems Management CONSole (or ECSMCons)
Version 1.0

ECSMCons is an Erlang based client/server computer systems
management console in which a web browser (with websockets
support) is used to manage computer systems.



Operations that can be performed on the client from the server:

Reboot, shutdown, restart or stop erlang service, ping, wake-on-lan,
when Faronics Deep Freeze is available: freeze, thaw and get status
copy file to client and run command on client.  When the All command
check box is selected, then only the checked workstations will have
that command done on them. Restrict access based on IP address and
username/password (both configurable in ecsmcons.conf).


The client periodically sends messages to the server to indicate
whether the system is "Up" and which user is logged in.  It also
does the command processing sent from the server.


For more details the project can be found here:




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