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I think that Object Process Methodology (used lightly) and Message Sequence
Charts are better ways of structuring your high level thoughts.



Hi Torben,


Found a reflection of my voice in you!


I am contemplating to compile a specification of what a system is and does
as stated using OPM/OPL, into (and run on) an Erlang AOS (Application
Operating System, as Joe puts it!). 


There is some "impedance" mismatch between the "symbols" (ideas) of OPL and
Erlang, though in spirit, I (want to) believe that Erlang AOS is a perfect
(i.e. isomorphic) vehicle for materializing a "OPL system". To give some

1) A "process" of OPM is not an "Erlang process" - well, yes & no! 

2) Moreover, an "OPM object" needs to find an expression in "Erlang process"
- again, yes & no! 

3) OPM maintains the duality of "objects and processes", whereas Erlang
wants to see every_thing_ as a "process". 

4) For OPM, "objects" are the things that are shaped and take shape, and
"processes" are the things that shape the objects - i.e. "shape" is both a
verb and noun. In Erlang, what gets shaped is also a process, and what
shapes is obviously a process.

5) I am not confident enough to say something on "state" in OPM and "state"
in Erlang.


My present view of world is as shown (& determined) by classic C with
Unix-IPC. I don't know other worlds. I haven't made much of progress in
Erlang AOS either, beyond few readings of Joe's thesis paper. 


I am currently stuck on integrating the spirit of OPM/OPL and spirit of
Erlang AOS. 


Is there some work going around in OPM and Erlang that can help me unlock
spiritually? Or, may I receive some help from you on how you materialize a
OPM-thought system into an Erlang system? Some directions are good enough -
I know otherwise this is a topic of a full volume.


Thank you


Kind regards



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