[erlang-questions] Network partitions and Quorom

Steve Strong steve@REDACTED
Thu Aug 18 17:29:00 CEST 2011


After a lot of googling, I haven't found a clear answer to something that I'd have thought was a solved problem in the Erlang community - I've got an application that needs to run on one and only one of N potential hosts, where N is fixed.  I'm hoping that there's a standard library I can use for this, but I've not found one yet.

Currently, we are using a simple distributed app as built into the Erlang release but I don't believe this will handle network partitions in the way that I need (i.e., if node A becomes partitioned from B & C, I could end up with my app running on both A and one of B & C).

Use of gen_leader is a possibility, although I'm unclear how (if) it handles network partitions at the moment - if it does have a concept of quorum then it will be ideal, but a quick google and read of the code left me unsure if it handled partitions or not.

Any advice on either gen_leader or other options would be much appreciated.



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