[erlang-questions] relup restart_new_emulator does not work for me

Allen Kim allen.kim@REDACTED
Tue Aug 9 16:14:31 CEST 2011


No, I don't see erl_crash.dump, or I could not find it.
Yes, I could start 5.8.4 emulator manually.

The weird thing is after I start manually, then I run command, release_handler:install_release("2.0.0")
It gives me an error, which I don't remember.

Now, I decided to upgrade erlang version manually, that means
  previous plan:
    1. run command release_handler:install_release("2.0.0")

  new plan:
    1. update RELEASE file manually by changing 1.9.0 old and 2.0.0 permanent
    2. run command init:reboot()

The new plan seems working, but I was curious why the previous plan did not work.

Hope this helps

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Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] relup restart_new_emulator does not work for me

Hi Allen!

Can you see an erl_crash.dump file after this?
Can you start the 5.8.4 emulator manually?


2011/8/3 Allen Kim <bighostkim@REDACTED<mailto:bighostkim@REDACTED>>

I want to upgrade erlang otp from R13B04 to R43B03

I used this start_erl.data and relup(recommended from

[tracking@REDACTED releases]$ cat new_start_erl.data
5.8.4 2.0.0

[tracking@REDACTED releases]$ cat current/relup

when I run command release_handler:install_release("2.0.0")
I see the node shutting down messages, but I don't see a new node start up.(looks like heart is not starting up a new node).

My HEART_COMMAND is coreect, since I was able to kill the node and I see it starting up again.

The reason why I said restart_new_emulator not working is I could reboot the node with command init:reboot().

Any help would be appreciated.

Allen Kim

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