ANNOUNCE: ibrowse-2.0.0

Chandru chandrashekhar.mullaparthi@REDACTED
Thu Sep 23 00:07:25 CEST 2010

Hello everyone,

New version of ibrowse released. Extract from the README follows:

22-09-2010 - * Added option preserve_chunked_encoding. This allows the
caller to get
               the raw HTTP response when the Transfer-Encoding is
Chunked. This feature
               was requested by Benoit Chesneau who wanted to write a
HTTP proxy using
             * Fixed bug with the {stream_to, {Pid, once}} option. Bug
report and lot
               of help from Filipe David Manana. Thank you Filipe.
             * The {error, conn_failed} and {error, send_failed}
return values are
               now of the form {error, {conn_failed, Err}} and
               {error, {send_failed, Err}}. This is so that the
specific socket error
               can be returned to the caller. I think it looks a bit
ugly, but that
               is the best compromise I could come up with.
             * Added application configuration parameters
default_max_sessions and
               default_max_pipeline_size. These were previously hard
coded to 10.
             * Versioning of ibrowse now follows the Semantic
Versioning principles.
               See Thanks to Anthony Molinaro for
nudging me in
               this direction.
             * The connect_timeout option now only applies to the
connection setup
               phase. In previous versions, the time taken to setup
the connection
               was deducted from the specified timeout value for the request.


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