[erlang-questions] Announce: the Piqi project

Evgeniy Khramtsov xramtsov@REDACTED
Mon Sep 13 18:03:58 CEST 2010

14.09.2010 01:50, Anton Lavrik wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 3:23 AM, Evgeniy Khramtsov<xramtsov@REDACTED>  wrote:
>> Wow, that sounds impressive. The only problem I see is the license...
> What problem with the license do you mean?
> Apache v2 is one of the most permissive and clear open-source
> licenses. The only part of Piqi source distribution that links with
> Erlang programs is Piqi runtime support library, which is literally a
> single Erlang module:
> http://github.com/alavrik/piqi/blob/master/piqirun-erlang/src/piqirun.erl
> In addition to Apache v2 license header it also contain a copyright
> notice and a copy of MIT license from protobuffs library
> (http://github.com/ngerakines/erlang_protobuffs), since I reused some
> code from it. MIT license is as permissive as Apache v2.

Indeed, I see. Sorry, I've misunderstood the license :(
Thank you for the explanation and your project :)

Evgeniy Khramtsov, ProcessOne.

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