[erlang-questions] Converting list of tagged tuples to a record

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Using a preprocessor is another, perhaps more generic way of doing it.

%% The record

-record(person, {first_name, last_name, ...}).

%% Create a preprocessor

-define(PERSON_RECORD,record_info(fields, person)).

%% Function that will convert a list of tuples to the record

create_record_from_list([],_Data,Result) ->


create_record_from_list([Field|Rest],Data,Result) ->

    case lists:keysearch(Field,1,Data) of

        {value,{_,Value}} ->


        _ ->



Then to convert the list of tuples "DataList" to a record call:

Record = create_record_from_list(?PERSON_RECORD,DataList,[person]),

Or something like that :)


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Hello all,

In my newbie application, I receive a bunch of data from HTTP's POST

(I'm using Mochiweb), in the following format (supposing a person's


    [{first_name, value}, {last_name, value}, ...]

And I have the definition of the record for the person:

    -record(person, {first_name, last_name, ...}).

alistair in the #erlang channel in freenode, gave me a nice solution to

put this list in the record:

    lists:foldl(fun add_to_record/2, #person{}, List).

    add_to_record({first_name, value}, rec) ->

        rec#person{first_name = value};

    add_to_record({last_name, value}, rec) ->

        rec#person{last_name = value};


That works.  My questions are:

1. Are there other [good practice] ways to transform information coming

   from a UI (which, must of the times, come as a list) in well

   specified records?

2. Is it common to use records of records?  Is it possible?  For example:

    -record(name, {last_name, first_name}).

    -record(person, name, ...)



Silas Silva


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