Table viewer disappearing

Adrian Roe ARoe@REDACTED
Mon Oct 18 13:24:45 CEST 2010

Apologies for a potentially environment related question, but I have been happily developing an mnesia database subsystem on an Amazon EC2 instance running Ubuntu 10.10.  As part of this I have used table viewer (tv:start()) and it has worked just fine (using NX/Nomachine & GNOME).  No idea what has changed, but now when I do tv:start(), I get a PID returned but no window displayed.  I've even reverted to machine images from when it was working but still no window spawned. Things like wx:demo() launch just fine.  

The docs around tv only talk about its start method and tv doesn’t appear to respond any messages sent to it via its PID.  Has anyone else seen this / know what on earth might be going on.

Thanks for any suggestions


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