Logging in distributed OTP applications

Tue Jan 26 09:35:26 CET 2010


I have two OTP applications: "master" and "worker",
both depend on log4erl in their .app files.
SIngle "master" application and multiple "worker" applications running
on different hosts/Erlang nodes.
I was able to configure each one to write to it's own log file, but I
need all instances of OTP applications to write to single log file.
Can this be done with log4erl ?
Can standard Erlang logging be used here, i.e. SASL?
Any other logging packages / solutions?

The simplest idea is two create globally registered logger gen_server
in the "master" application/node and let all others to use
gen_server:cast to send messages to log. But  cast seems to be not
guaranteed, while gen_server:call will introduce delays in the

Any ideas?
thanks in advance.

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