Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Thu Jan 7 01:16:57 CET 2010

Hi list!

How about installing a small script together with the erlang installation called "erl-config"
The idea is that it should be used much like the other config scripts "out there".

	--lib-dir <app>	(directory leading to erlang application named <app> )
	--version		(erts version)
	--nif_libs			(libraries if any needed to build a nif shared objec)
	--nif_ld			(command used to link nif shared object)
	--nif_cflags		(complier flags needed to compile a nif file)

	--drv_libs		(same as for nif)
This would simplify the process of building of shared objects like nif and loadable driver shared objects.
I guess that people writing code using erl_interface could benefit from options like:

suggestions / alternatives ?




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