[erlang-questions] Opening Named Pipe for syslog analyser

Martin Scholl ms@REDACTED
Sun Feb 28 18:29:17 CET 2010

Hello Luc,

this questions pops up from time to time. Erlang's file driver doesn't
allow opening non-regular files like named pipes.

As a workaround, open_port/2 to open start a command "cat <named file>".
This is not equivalent to opening the file with erlang's file driver,
but should work for you.


Luc Evers wrote:
> To investigate syslog router messages, I'm using a Linux operating system
> with syslog-ng.
> The syslog-ng deamon sends the messages to a name pipe.
> I like to make a syslog analyzer to investigate and correlate the
> information coming from different devices.
>  Until now I didn't found an answer on reading from named pipes with the
> Erlang language.
>  Is there no solution for this problem?
>   Thanks!
>     Luc.

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