[erlang-questions] Erlang/OTP R13B04 has been released

Elliot Murphy elliot@REDACTED
Fri Feb 26 07:27:25 CET 2010


Ubuntu usually syncs packages from Debian and tries to minimize the
differences. The version of Ubuntu currently in development, Ubuntu 10.04,
has already stopped taking new versions of software and is focused on
stabilizing and bugfixes in preparation for release in April. So this
version of Erlang would likely go into Ubuntu 10.10 which will be released
in October. If there are important bugs fixed by this version of Erlang,
specific bugfixes may be able to be backported into stable releases of
Ubuntu that have already shipped.

It should be possible to prepare a package of this new release in a PPA
(personal package archive) so that it can easily be installed by folks
wanting to have the very latest Erlang on Ubuntu. I have attempted to
prepare these packages and uploaded them here:
https://edge.launchpad.net/~erlang-dev/+archive/ppa . Hopefully they build
ok and are useful to you - please let me know if these packages worked fine
or if they had problems.

Normally Sergei uploads new versions of Erlang to Debian very shortly after
they are released, so I'd imagine this latest Erlang will be available in
Debian testing before very long.

Elliot Murphy

On Feb 24, 2010 1:34 PM, "Kay Kay" <kaykay.unique@REDACTED> wrote:

This is great.

Curious - how close is the integration of the release with the ubuntu
repositories , so that it would be available for update as well.

On 2/24/10 3:00 AM, Kenneth Lundin wrote:
> Bug fix release : otp_src_R13B04
> Build date     ...

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