Patch approval statistics for R13B04

Jan Lehnardt jan@REDACTED
Mon Feb 22 23:27:24 CET 2010

Björn and Team,

a big shout out from the CouchDB team on your open source work! Great
job and keep it up!


On Feb 20, 2:39 am, Björn Gustavsson <bgustavs...@REDACTED> wrote:
> Now that R13B04 is feature-frozen, I can present
> some statistics about the patches we have received.
> In the git repository, there are commits from 32 persons
> from outside the Erlang/OTP group in the ccase/r13b04_dev
> branch (i.e. to be included in R13B04).
> Manually counting through the "What's cooking" emails
> sent to the erlang-patches mailing list, I got the following
> statistics:
> Number of patches included in R13B04: 51
> Total number of dropped patches: 7
> Stalled patches: 5
> Of the dropped patches, 4 pointed out bugs and
> misfeatures that we chose to address in a different way.
> One dropped patch updated a deprecated module.
> Two patches were dropped because we found
> serious issues and the authors didn't submit
> revised patches.
> Note that of the 51 approved patches, several went
> through one more revisions by their authors to make
> them OTP worthy before we approved them.
> Statistics can never predict the future, but it
> seems that patches of good quality (OTP worthy)
> will have a good chance to be included in future
> OTP releases.
> Note that we never approve or reject unseen
> patches. An idea that seems good when
> explained in an email could turn out to have
> issues when run through our test suites,
> and conversely, an idea that seemed
> bad maybe seemed bad only because
> we didn't fully understand it.
> So instead of writing an email beforehand
> explaining what your patch will do, I suggest that you
> put the effort into a good commit message
> that contains a good description of the problem
> and/or use case, and a rationale to justify
> the way you chose to solve it. That information
> will speed up the reviewing process, and more
> importantly, it will help anyone 5 years from
> now to understand why the **** the change was
> made.
> Thanks to everyone that have sent us patches
> so far. I am looking forward to receiving many
> more good patches.
> --
> Björn Gustavsson, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB
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