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I understand that. Others are the same however they are designed *not* to fail when sent spurious messages. Rex just doesn't reply for example. Erroring on the side of the client who made the mistake seems a lot more reasonable than killing the entire VM.

There is a certain expectation of trust within the VM... Allowing anyone to just crash the entire system however seems excessive.

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The documented interface to net_kernel does not define a direct use of gen_server:call/2 or a direct message passing interface.
The client and server sides of the program are implemented in the same module.  If the net_kernel server receives a message other than one it expects it is a programming error.

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 05:43:02PM -0500, bile@REDACTED wrote:
}  Your example is fine... but doesn't represent what is happening here.
}  Your code would cause the client to error... net_kernel, the server, is }  dying in this case. We are talking about a major component of the }  system which will bring down the entire system if you happen to send it }  a message it doesn't understand.


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