[erlang-questions] Re: Will parameterized modules become an official part of Erlang?

Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Mon Feb 22 02:25:10 CET 2010

I would like to extend the question to two other things which have
been "experimental" for a while now without being decided or having
proper documentation:

- the -extends attribute
- packages

The trouble is that they are "there" but it is not defined what they
do and you can't turn them off so it is easy to get bitten by them and
not really understand what has happened. And how do they interact?
Yes, I do know of the papers describing two of them but no one can say
it is obvious that you look there for Erlang documentation.

To start the discussion rolling here are my opinions on the three
listed in order of *decreasing* approval/interest or increasing

- Paramterised modules - I can live with these but don't really see
the point yet.
- Extends: sub-moduling?
- Packages: a hierarchical peg in a flat hole, I just don't think its fits.



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