[erlang-questions] yet more ranting about Erlang docs

Michael Turner leap@REDACTED
Fri Feb 19 07:29:12 CET 2010

On 2/18/2010, "Richard O'Keefe" <ok@REDACTED> wrote:

>On Feb 19, 2010, at 12:42 PM, Dale Harvey wrote:
>> I believe you can directly edit the wiki
>> http://github.com/erlang/otp/wikis/documentation/edit
>When I click on that link, it says "Log in (Pricing and Signup)".
>Pricing?  Sounds scary.

I'd say this was bad user interface design, but maybe they make more
money this way.  That eye-of-the-beholder thing again.

Does it sound even scarier to say that $0.00 is a *degenerate case* of
"Pricing"?  That's what I'm paying as a "collaborator".
("Co-conspirator" membership costs extra.)  Let's hope the rate
doesn't suddenly go up on us.

I just fixed the grammar problem Dale mentioned, plus a few others, all
very minor to be sure (e.g., "Shortly" -> "Briefly", punctuation,
etc.)   The instructions should be a little more helpful now.  If not,
tell me, or you can go ahead and fix them yourself as a github
"collaborator".  It's in Yet Another Wiki Format, unfortunately, and
my pop-up killer also kills the Preview, but I find it usable enough.

There remains the problem (for me) that I'd like to have SKIP files
specifically for PDF generation, or some other way to short-circuit
their creation.  But that's not an issue for the github wiki.

-michael turner

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