Newbie - eldap and threads

Humaira Surve humaira.surve@REDACTED
Thu Feb 18 09:21:59 CET 2010


I've recently began playing around with erlang and come from a java

I was quite impressed by the eldap library and its general simplicity to
use. I have a question though.
If one opens a single connection and binds, but has multiple clients sending
requests through this one connection,
is there a possiblity of thread-related issues.

What guarantees that a client gets the correct response or that a response
is not over-written by more than one simultaneous request?
I have looked through the eldap code and noticed that a single connection
uses a TCP file descriptor.

Assistance/explanations would really be appreciated. If you know of a
useful, simple tutorial I'd appreciate that to.


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