[erlang-questions] Ports and their owners

Musumeci, Antonio S Antonio.Musumeci@REDACTED
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Yeah... Unfortunately for what I'm doing we'd like security within the node due to running arbitrary modules, cnodes and ports. I've already began work on providing a filtering mechanism for RPC and net_kernel:spawn by moving spawn into rex and adding an optional filter callback which all calls go through. This would at least allow sandboxing the spawning of arbitrary processes to some extent. I'll be posting that to erlang-patches sometime this week. After that I'll take a shot at adding the open_port option I mentioned. 

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> From a language / VM perspective it should be quite simple to include the sender as part of the message. At this point it may not be possible to add without major breakage but it's very unfortunate that was not the initial design.

Hehehe, it *was* included in the original design but we removed it. We felt that it was much more versatile to have the sender include the "from" field. "From" can be any term which identifies the sender and is it not always the pid or even needed. As I mentioned internal security was not a problem.


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