[erlang-questions] Distributed File System Powered by Erlang

Angel clist@REDACTED
Tue Feb 16 22:50:37 CET 2010

On Martes, 16 de Febrero de 2010 18:55:06 Hank Knight escribió:
> Imagine the power of a distributed file system powered by Erlang.
> Something like GlusterFS or The Google File System but build on
> Erlang.  Has this been done?  What would the performance implications
> be?

Ive been playing with glusterfs and hacked a bit some modules. Clearly async 
dispatching becomes a bit messed up in C and whereas most access to data and 
filesystem ops use pointers i think average times are dominated by network 
latencies, so in this case erlang could be a win and more manageable than 
glusterfs will ever be.

Ive considering a erlang server for glusterfs replicating module by module 
every xlator that glusterfs has, but i have not spare time by now.

tehere are several FUSE/erlang projects on github, so experimetation is not 

A fuse frontend to scalaris or a dynamo alike is very interesting...

> Regards,
> Hank
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