[erlang-questions] A style question

Michael Turner leap@REDACTED
Mon Feb 15 14:58:40 CET 2010

Thank you, Mariano.

I've *read* that Erlang is a small language.  (Viewed as a language, to
be sure, not as a platform -- in which respect it's clearly
industrial-strength and somewhat sprawling.)

I was also starting to *feel* that Erlang was a small language.

But now I can finally *see* that it's small.  And that's encouraging. 
Nothing wrong with small.  Most beautiful languages are small.


On 2/15/2010, "Mariano Guerra" <luismarianoguerra@REDACTED> wrote:

>maybe this can help, i dont know if it is complte or up to date but it
>is a start.

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