Jinterface and GCJ 4.4

Sergei Golovan sgolovan@REDACTED
Sat Feb 13 11:47:32 CET 2010


While trying to enable jinterface for Debian Erlang package I've tried
to build it using a few Java compilers available in Debian. What I've
found is that most of the compilers either build jinterface fine
(OpenJDK-6) or don't pass JDK 1.5 test in configure (GCJ-4.3 or
older). But GCJ 4.4 passes this test but fails to build jinterface
because it has String(int[], int, int) constructor unimplemented. I've
added an additional check for this to configure.in (see attachment)
but wonder which would be the correct long term solution. If it's the
only problem with GCJ then may be it'd be better not to use
String(int[], int, int) at all?

Sergei Golovan
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