Erlang Idioms - A Pattern for an Erlang Programming Team

Eric Newhuis enewhuis@REDACTED
Fri Feb 12 14:29:53 CET 2010

So one of the first new applications we created in our new Erlang ecosystem was a thing called idioms.

This is where the team puts all the common time-saving programming idioms they find.

It is a combination of useful small functions that should some day find themselves a part of some open standard, a set of the typical macros (LET, IF, etc.), and some common imports (lists, string, etc.).

It works out well.  Developers list idioms in their applications' .app file and include idioms.hrl in their modules.  Easy.  And some parts of the code tends to look similar regardless of who is doing the coding.

Its really all about communication.

I wonder if others have done something similar and would care to share or are already aware of something like this or have suggestions on how such sharing could be enabled.

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