[erlang-questions] Two confusions??

Mazen Harake mazen.harake@REDACTED
Thu Feb 11 12:09:14 CET 2010

Hi Vasilij,

I'll tell you a short story about something I learned when I first started using the Internet[s]. IRC was my thing I used to hang in all the programming channels on various servers. Naturally many people would ask questions and as usual on the internet few would answer because they would consider them to be "noob" questions. People would only discuss new ideas or really difficult problems (along with religious ones as well such as editors and what not). Anyway... I noticed after a while a repeating behaviour; if someone asks the most simple question and get 1 single answer and this answer would be *wrong* then immediately 3-4 replies after that would come in with explanations on why it was wrong and how it really was. Sure enough the first person to respond, which was wrong, got a lot of heat but hadn't it been for the simple kind principal of wanting to help the person who asked the question in the first place might not have gotten a clear answer.

Also, this comes to mind: http://xkcd.com/386/

Don't worry about it; I believe that this sort of thing actually helps somewhat... well... to some extent at least.



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Hej everyone,

Just I want to say I am sorry for giving wrong answers. I am still learning

Vasilij Savin

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