Dialyzer bug with 'not (boolexpr)' guard

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Thu Feb 11 11:05:01 CET 2010


I believe the code below demonstrates a bug in dialyzer (2.1.0) - it
produces the warning:

diabug.erl:19: Clause guard cannot succeed. The variable Cs was matched against the type any()

for the first test/1 clause, but of course the claim can easily be
refuted by calling test/0. (The other 2 test/1 clauses are just there to
narrow down the bug.)

--Per Hedeland




-record(cs, {
	  children = [],
	  actions = []

-define(is_internal(X), ((X#cs.children /= []) or
                         (X#cs.actions /= []))).

-define(has_children(X), (X#cs.children /= [])).

test() ->

test(Cs) when not ?is_internal(Cs)  -> foo;
test(Cs) when not ?has_children(Cs) -> bar;
test(Cs) when ?is_internal(Cs)      -> baz.


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