extrange output of  on erlang

Angel clist@REDACTED
Sun Feb 7 15:29:49 CET 2010


just reading some Joél redmont articles.

He did and array vs tree comparison and blogged the results
so im just downloaded his code and tried...

(code attached)

Joel's test shows:

27> arr:test(). 

Fixed-size array: get: 2921us, set: 5902us 
Extensible array: get: 3336us, set: 8144us 
Tuple: get: 632us, set: 107467us 
Tree: get: 4321us, set: 45256us 

Where me machine shows:

1> arr:test().

Fixed-size array: get:    11586µs, set:    24969µs
Extensible array: get:    11586µs, set:    23787µs
Tuple:            get:     1223µs, set:   491196µs
Tree:             get:     9480µs, set:   101000µs

I cant explain where that strange  come... (tested on openSUSE 11.2 Konsole)

Anyone can tell me what's wrong on my machine???

Most people know C is not so high level....
                ...Everybody else just got assembler overdose
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