[erlang-questions] Fresh erlang packages for debian

Gleb Peregud gleber.p@REDACTED
Fri Feb 5 11:03:43 CET 2010

Ubuntu Lucid and Debian Sid and Debian Experimental has packages of
quite new versions R13 (can't recall exact numbers), so I guess it
solves your issue

On 2010-02-05, Max Lapshin <max.lapshin@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi, debian and ubuntu has old version of erlang (R12) and I want to
> package my erlyvideo.
> I have created repository for erlyvideo on http://debian.erlyvideo.org
> and think to build R13B4 into debian package,
> but I cannot find those debian catalog for erlang.
> Maybe I don't need to build it by myself and just need to provide
> custom repository? Where should I find new debian package or
> debian instructions folder?
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