[erlang-questions] Problems cross compiling: eheap_alloc: Cannot reallocate 3480006320 bytes of memory

Rickard Green rickard@REDACTED
Thu Feb 4 03:27:01 CET 2010

Current cross compiling support has lots of issues. I'd recommend that
you wait for the R13B04 release if you want to cross compile

The upcoming R13B04 release will have much better support for cross
compiling. I've just committed a bunch of cross fixes in the r13b04
development branch which are available at
<http://github.com/erlang/otp> (ccase/r13b04_dev branch). If you want
to try it out, have a look at the xcomp/README
since lots of things have changed regarding cross compiling since

If you get it working with r13b04_dev, the configure results from
r13b04_dev may give you a hint about what is wrong with the R13B03
configuration. However, I'd still recommend that you wait for the
R13B04 release.

Rickard Green, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB.

2010/1/29 Winston Smith <smith.winston.101@REDACTED>:
> Trying to run a cross compiled version of R13B03 on an AVR32-Linux
> system (NGW100/buildroot-2.3.0) I get the following:
> /home/avr32 # erl
> Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump
> eheap_alloc: Cannot reallocate 3480006320 bytes of memory (of type "heap").
> Aborted
> I've had this working before (I think with R13B01) but I've since
> upgraded my build host from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10.  I actually had this
> same issue originally, and I somehow solved it, but I can't for the
> life of me remember what I did.  I am setting up an xconf file with
> the proper values for size_t, off_t, big endian etc; in fact I based
> my build script on Brian Zhou's script for building Erlang on NSLU2
> Linux:
> http://svn.nslu2-linux.org/svnroot/optware/trunk/make/erlang.mk
> Any thoughts on where to start debugging/diagnosing this?  (the
> embedded gdb doesn't work)  Is the erl_crash.dump useful (and how do I
> interpret it!)?
> Many thanks in advance!
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